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sunken treasureMaking the commitment to finally blog about things I care about led me to a sort of epiphany just now. I suppose to some this would seem fairly obvious. In the way this blog is designed, it is in part a journal or log of daily, weekly, or monthly accomplishments that we all at times seem to take for granted. But, change comes in increments.

With some people it comes in giant leaps and bounds, and in others it’s the toe in the water. I happen to be a member of the latter. However, I have noticed that the more I test the water, the more accustomed I become to the variances in temperature, and I’m starting to notice the water at the deep end of the pool is the same temperature as the water in the shallow end, at least on the surface.

Although once you take the plunge, does it really matter? The body is met first with the gradient warmth of the sun soaked surface; only as deep as the rays are seen. At some point, the body becomes aware of the deeper, cooler sensations rippling through; that euphoric rejuvenating sensation that most seem to fear before contemplating the jump. But jumping can sometimes be the easy part, especially if we do not trust in our ability to swim.

Don’t fear the jump; just learn to swim, and don’t be afraid to go deep.  That’s where all the treasure is.

Happy reading and may your thoughts be progressive!