Being spiritual doesn’t make me religious or in any way necessarily interested in it.  It makes me transcend it.  It knows that for what-ever reason, we were placed here on this earth at this particular time in space and knowing that we need to make the best of it.  That means doing what ever is necessary to be at peace with everything else in it.  Any other definition is just the use of the term to justify some other means.

I was amazed to find that these thoughts, my thoughts, make me not only a progressive, but it would seem at least in the place I reside now, unpopular.

Most of my prior writings have been spiritually, insightfully based; but, in light of the situation we find ourselves faced with in this country today, to ignore the problem behind a façade of enlightenment would be avoiding the responsibility we have as human beings no matter what faith you are or are not.  This isn’t what our nation was founded on and it certainly cannot be what any God could have envisioned for us. 

‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…’ so I can plumage and rape them isn’t how it was supposed to go.  The arms of freedom where always represented by the acts of this nation collectively in our communities and states based on the knowing that we didn’t all share the same backgrounds,  advantages or views, but yet we managed to conform and compromise enough to make it all work.  That system has all but broken down and we all claim to know the reason why.  There are tens of thousands of people marching in cities here and all over the world who can give you some of those reasons.  There are literally millions more still at home who can give you many more.  But the real reason is this.  Some people with more power and money who make most of the rules could care less about other people, and more about power, money, and themselves.  They care more about their issues and their own beliefs and views of what this world should be and not of the billions they share this planet with. 

This country and laws on which it is governed was supposed to protect us from people like this, and we trusted them to do that.  Today, looking around, it would appear that many have abused that trust.

I can’t begin to tell you how this is going to be fixed, but I can tell you that without the multitudes coming to grips with and dropping the inconsequential arguments that keep us mired to our differences, nothing will change.  In the state of this country right now, does it really matter that you are a Christian with Christian values, and your neighbor believes in the boogie man?  Does it matter that the man or woman down the street believes they should have the rights to marry someone of the same sex and you completely oppose it?  Does it matter that you and the woman at the local hair salon cannot agree at what point a single cell becomes more than just that?  It is possible for you to believe any of these things and have it not affect another person…ever.  But what is going on right now in our government does.  It is that simple.

If you were to strip away all the fancy language today’s politician uses to confuse us and keep us squabbling amongst ourselves, you would be able to see this.  It isn’t just the language they use either.  It is things like guilt and psychology.  They tell people exactly what they think they want to hear or they tell them what they know they fear.  It is manipulation.  It isn’t their views or values because on closer inspection, none of them live it. Their only job is to make you believe it.  They say what they have to, to reach the most amounts of people to make the most amount of difference at the polls.

Are they all like this?  No.  How do you know which ones are not?  You have to pay attention and do the research.  In short, you have to care.  In general, so many of us have stopped caring as a whole.  We’ve been conditioned to think selfishly and made to think that if others don’t think like us they need to be converted or crushed.   Issues like equality and basic human rights are being confused with enforcing a certain belief on others but the only rights that should and do matter are the rights our constitution provides.  The rights this country was born from; and yet for a good many years now we’ve seen laws that were created to ensure these rights diminish right before us, and if we are being at all honest with ourselves, it was allowed to happen because it most likely had nothing to do with or in anyway affected us.  Can we honestly say that with a straight face today? That’s the only thing we should all be concerned with.  I am concerned and I am the 99%.  Are you?


Happy reading and may your thoughts always be progressive!