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With the hardest part of blogging complete, that being the decision and creation of such blog, I sat back and thought ‘oh geeze…What am I going to write about now?’  Knowing the answer would eventually come to me, I decided to take a break and a walk.  It was a cold mid-evening, Saturday night, and I had just bundled myself in layers.  Armed with my smart phone and its connection to Pandora for my 3 mile walk, I stepped out of the door.  I didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

I was literally 2 steps out when a campaign ad for Rick Santorum streamed through my phone.  It was very brief; maybe all of 15 seconds, but it was enough.  In the ad, Mr Santorum appeals to religious followers by stating that all leaders stem from a religious background.   That got me thinking, really?!  So I took the phone from my back pocket and launched the handy-dandy, built-in note pad app and made a note to myself-“Rick Santorum, religious leaders, he supports this message” placed the phone back into my pocket and let my mind wander as my feet pounded pavement.

I noticed nothing of my surroundings as thoughts of past leaders flittered in and out of my mind.  All songs were banished to mere white noise.  To be honest, there were all the obvious ones at first, the biggest being Jesus.  Among the top were also names like Martin Luther King and JFK, Muhammad, and a favorite of mine Mahatma Gandi.  But then a curious thing started to happen.  Other names started to emerge; names like Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan, Bill gates, and a man named Protagoras, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher whom Plato credits with having invented, of all things, the role of teacher of virtue.  That’s pretty impressive.  Interestingly enough, the last four are Agnostic.

Agnostics; what are they?   According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, an agnostic is someone who believes it is impossible to know if God exists; mind you, not someone who does not believe in God.  It’s a fair enough statement.  It isn’t known if their belief was the result of something that happened or if they were raised that way, but the point is, despite their lack of religion, they still managed to be leaders; great minds in the fields of science, technology, the arts and philosophy.

The fact that I had to do a little digging to get this information brings to light some home truths, and that is this: You either hear only of the ones (leaders) who are religious, or you do not hear of the religion of the ones who are not (religious).  I just can’t imagine why that is; maybe because if there is no religion, there is no fear and the issue(s) become the actual focus.  Me personally, I am not without my beliefs.  They may have morphed with the lessons I’ve been taught in life, and I’ve no doubt they will change again…and again, and again, but they will never be a rational reason why I vote for someone or not.  It will never be a reason why I choose to do something or not.

The only reason I could see it making a difference in this instance is if Rick Santorum said to the people, ‘As a peace loving Christian, I believe that it is the responsibility and duty of each person to keep in mind the needs of not only themselves and their own, but also the needs of their neighbor and it is the responsibility of the leader of this nation to continue with the programs and education that will afford every person  in every city, in every state the same amount of rights and opportunities regardless of their own belief, because I am not standing here as a religious leader of the world, but as a leader of a free nation.

This is Custodes Progressus and I think Jesus would approve this message. {Sarcasm NOT intended…yeah, well, maybe just a little ;-)}

It really is that simple.

Until next time…

Happy reading and may your thoughts be progressive!


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value ~ Albert Einstein.