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Did I hear you right?bridge

Did you just say the people promoting solidarity among the 99% of the American population are trying to divide America?

I’m speechless.

You obviously have not been paying attention.  Oh, but I understand.  You probably have lost touch with what’s been going on or what the 99% means on account of the lack of coverage by the popular news networks.  I understand that as well.  I also had the same problem.

Maybe you could unplug the wonder drug and power up your PC, laptop, smart phone, Ipad, or tablet, visit any search engine and type in ‘occupy, 99%’.  Any site you wind up on will be filled with pictures of people holding up all kinds of signs depicting just some of the complaints they have, but it all basically boils down to the same thing (big business in politics).  More importantly, you’ll see that among those people holding those signs in those very same pictures, there is a diversified gathering, all of like mind, bridging the many personal differences that have been slowly eroding the core of this country.  Groups that the 1% has tried to keep divided by whatever dubious and unscrupulous means necessary to justify a means to your…er…I mean their ends for far too long.

There are people of every sex, creed, race, class, education, and age -have I missed anyone?-  You name it, they are out there, and even those of us who support them, if not actually storming the streets in peaceful demonstration right along side them.

Like the original pioneers of any movement, they stand with their flags and their dreams, hope, faith and determination, but most importantly with their beliefs in doing the right thing, which is ensuring the continued freedom granted them/me/us in the drafting, signing and then implementation of a document you seem to want to forget exists, the American Constitution, and they make no distinction when doing so. (If you forget what that says, you can also find that online.)

Back in that time, members of a soon-to-be nation fought tyranny by banding, marching, and eventually fighting together, just like now; all the while sacrificing and pushing past their own boundaries of comfort for the sake of the other 99%.  There aren’t too many of us Americans who are going to think they are wrong, as a matter of fact I believe it is estimated to be only about 1%.

But don’t take my word for it.  Just turn on the new.. I mean the computer and partake of all the incredibly wonderful media outlets popping up, including the ones that have always been there, and see for your self.  And then afterwards, you can tell the journalists/reporters on the network news that they really haven’t been doing their jobs lately.  But don’t you worry; there are plenty of talented journalists who are more than happy to pick up the slack.

So Mitt, may I say…You’re wrong; America is right.

Romney Gets Agressive with ‘Occupier

Happy reading and may your thoughts be progressive