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If you are a fan of any of the social networking sites (and who isn’t) you probably see your fair share of all the posts in relation to the presidential race, debates, and up coming elections.  Regardless of which side you are on, some of them are pretty humorous; and some of them are just down-right scary.  I consider myself to be politically challenged and the people who know me without exception will tell you this, but that doesn’t make me dumb nor does it make me ignorant.  What would is if I believed everything I read.  So when I see certain things being said about no candidate in particular, I’m going to read it with the 10 lb bag of salt in tow.  This includes any mis/information about our president.

At this point, I want to beg others to do the same as well. 

For far too long, we’ve had the spin doctors of this nation spinning all kinds of tails about our politicians and I don’t know which ones are worse; the ones who spin straw into gold, or the ones who would sell you a broken and useless spindle.  It really isn’t surprising that so many people are confused.

When reading all things in regards to politicians or their supporters saying anything about another, I encourage everyone to do the research and to consider all the variables, not just the ones that are given to you in the sales pitch.  It is the job and the agenda of political advertisers to sell you their product and you will only ever see what it is they want you to see; always something that appeals to your sense of rightness or justness.  It sounds like common sense, but in the heat of emotion and on subjects we tend to take personally, we are all too willing to only consider the information given to us and not the source.   These messages are intentionally designed this way.  They are banking on the fact that you are too busy to put the effort into reading up or tuning into the real issues. 

It amazes me how they make appeals on collective moral issues when these issues are private matters.  It wasn’t that long ago dinners where eaten around a dining room table, and when the business of a neighbor came up for discussion, the head of that table would say something like ‘Now Susie, that isn’t any of our business, after all, they aren’t breaking any laws’.  But that’s just it, isn’t it?  They sell you these issues because they want to make it law; because it offends their sense of rightness.  Again, at one time not that long ago, it didn’t matter what the neighbors were doing because it didn’t interfere with us.

 Well…it still doesn’t.  But we have been suckered into believing it has.   We are all being made to feel different and to attack those differences.  It’s the land of the free, but only as long as you think, feel, believe and act like me.  That idea is absurd, but that is what they are selling us and we’ve been buying it hand over fist. 

I recently heard a man call into a progressive talk radio program online during a recent show debating gay marriage and candidates’ position on same sex marriage.  This man, who shall remain nameless, called in to complain about two men kissing in a public place and how this upset him because he was forced with the task of having to explain to his young daughter why that was, and he was uncomfortable with that thought.

Wow.  Really?  I take issue with 2 points on this.  Firstly, if that is how we vote, based on personal belief, are we really any different from the radicals in other countries who believe the rest of the world should believe what they do and KILL in the name of that belief?  It isn’t effective to fight one radical belief with another, but to fight it with tolerance for all beliefs.  I know that concept isn’t easy.  I’d be lying if I said that I never fought the urge to believe that my way was right and someone else’s was wrong.  I’d also be lying if I said I never gave into hateful thoughts or thoughts of either being discriminated against in some way, shape, or form or resenting someone who makes that very same claim.  Everybody has.  That’s the science of sociology and campaigns are run based on the knowledge of this science. 

Secondly, tolerance is just another life lesson, isn’t it?  The statement by the father implies that he has never had to explain a single thing to his child that made him feel the least bit uncomfortable, and if that is true then I pity that child.  What other issues is this father avoiding?

Intolerance could be so easily resolved in a generation’s time with the same effort it would take to explain to that child why two men were kissing (or even why they shouldn’t).  All we need to do is teach tolerance to our children despite how it is we feel, because let’s face it.  We all have our stories; things that have given us a reason to feel the way we do, and the only reason for feeling that way is because we were coached.  Our parents sat us down and taught us how to feel and shared with us their truth, and because that became our reality, we bought into it and we created the conditions that backed that belief up.  The change doesn’t have to start with us, but we can be the catalyst for it by biting our tongues, refusing to let the way that we feel reflect on the lessons taught to our children and then gift them with a world of tolerance instead of this world of hypocrisy we now live in.

In that spirit, we should consider this as we read all the political propaganda about each candidate and when the time comes to vote, our decisions should be based on rational thought no matter how hard it is.   That means to check our prejudices at the door, if only long enough to pull the lever for a candidate who is willing to see past their own prejudices and continue to help restore this country to its former glory.  If we can do that, then we can all give a collective sigh of relief knowing we will have proven that our system of government really does work, just as its original writers had intended.

Let’s make this and every other election about the issues, NOT about THEIR issues.  Beware of only partial truths,  misquotes, and loopy arguments that seem to always lead back to the same topic and look to make sure quotes have not been twisted or used out of context.


Happy reading and may your thoughts be progressive!