I’m currently a full-time student of massage therapy at Miller-Motte Technical College and a mother of 2, but that’s only a small part of me. A deep-thinker by nature, I’ve often times been called strange for thinking as I do, however, I prefer to describe it as just having a different point of view; maybe too different for the comfort of most, but I’m hoping after you read my blog you’ll be challenged and inspired to change that.

If you are prone to staunchly sticking to old habits and old ways of thinking, I highly recommend you by-pass this blog, as it may cause fits of anger, insecurity, headaches, dizziness, and in rare cases hypertension. Just kidding :-D. (Did I mention I have a wicked sense of humor?)

I like to write about things I notice while perched here from my perspective; most recently politics and what I notice about the political process. I will not be writing about what makes one man a better or worse candidate. I’m not taking sides here, as I believe them all to be equally disastrous. All joking aside though, I watch curiously with a notion that any leader we pick should be chosen for their ability to move us all forward and not in their ability to spin the truth, or worse yet, to hide it. As human beings, our thoughts should always be forward thinking, with the betterment of all…why should our nation be anything different? Hence the title of this blog: Custodes Progressus ~ Progressive in thought and deed.

That being said, I believe in personal growth in every sense of the word; mind, body, and soul. I haven’t always thought this way, and changing was a struggle in and of itself with many trying times and hurdles to jump. I’m honest in saying I’m not always so successful with all of them all the time. There are lapses in good judgment and common sense, and there are extreme moments of laziness and indulgence, but that’s only because I’m human. We all are. That’s what makes us all so wonderful. We are made with every available opportunity to invent and then re-invent ourselves time and time again.

I look forward to sharing these times, both good and bad, and I look forward to reading the stories of others.

Happy Reading and may your thoughts be progressive! 




1 thought on “About”

  1. Custodes, long time no hear. That saddens me. Meanwhile, I want you to know I posted something just yesterday I am hoping you take the time to read. Ostensibly it’s a (yes, true) story about trying to teach my son to swim, but if you look close, I’m hoping you’ll see a dig at the hypocritical proponents of Pure Capitalism 🙂

    Please to enjoy, and let’s hear again from you.

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